Everyday Rules for the Survivalist, #3 Secure the Perimeter

Monday, October 27, 2008

Secure the Perimeter!

No this is not just something your LT says to you when entering enemy territory. Instead consider this. While we in no way condone fear mongering, the fact is danger is ever present. Terrorism, tsunamis, mud slides, fire storms, SARS, need I say more? Due to this ever present danger it is better to be prepared than caught with your pants down. First, know your exits as well as your primary and secondary (sometimes tertiary), modes of evacuation. Don't get stuck in a box you can't get out of.

This rule was born through an engagement with a tenacious enemy, the Larus pacificus. This brutal enemy not only will consume small children, but also completely destroy a campsite. PocketKnife and I endured a serious invasion by the pacificus at our training compound. These vile creatures are always vigilant and are attracted to human food. Even a crumb left unchecked will entice an army of monsters to attack on the spot.

Your defense? SECURE THE PERIMITER. Do not leave food/water unattended. You will only be gone for a matter of minutes before your basecamp is overrun and retreat is your only option. Engaging this enemy in battle is pure suicide. Be ware.