Mission Statement

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Survivalist Manifesto represents the refusal to accept the current status quo of fear as a political and commercial tool. We know that, as human beings, survival carries great instinctual and intellectual weight. Empty and exaggerated claims by the media, the government, and many corporations try to threaten that survival in order to provoke a desired action from the masses. We resent this manipulation and have chosen to offer up an alternative.

We will decide what it is we are afraid of and prepare accordingly. This will instill confidence to replace the fear, thus limiting the cycle of fear permeating our society. That which we are told to be afraid of is entirely unrelated to the actual degree of danger that we face.

The current political climate, though overrun with double-talk and cronyism, allows political agendas (mostly fear) to be easily propagated via the wide variety of media outlets. It may be necessary to remind everyone that the media lies, exaggerates, and sensationalizes to such a degree that it's difficult to find actual journalism out there. The lying, though irritating, is hardly the most disturbing part of the media's relationship with the public. The consistency of fear mongering and propaganda on our daily television and radio waves causes more and more fear to brew amongst the people. People who are so incessantly afraid are easily manipulated. Therefore, we at the Survivalist Manifesto choose to ignore what we are told to be afraid of and choose our own fears. Then, we decide the best courses of action in preparedness for our own fears and can make better choices.

It would please us a great deal to hear of readers already adept enough at critical thinking, which is something of intrinsically great value. Most likely, these critical thinkers can already discern fearful things from those that are not. If this describes you, please feel free to use this blog as a thought provoking forum on the subject and we will gladly entertain all constructive criticisms on our manifesto.

If we lost you at "the media lies, exaggerates, and sensationalizes to such a great degree," please see the Daily Show for anecdotal evidence.